ROOS & ROOS is a love story, based on trust , passion and complicity.Two colourful personnalities with simple and true values, living in a vibrant and inspiring world.Throughout her career, Chantal Roos has been behind some of the most lingering sillages of the century – Opium, L’Eau d’lssey and Le Mâle, to name but a few. Her talent lay in entering the creator’s world, and expressing it. With Roos & Roos perfumes, she had to learn from a blank page: the one telling a fresh story every time. Put onto the scent by her mother when she was very young, Alexandra Roos hit the right note in the world of music with four albums, songs written for her and others, before moving over to more scented harmonies.


ALLEVEN is a London based cosmetic brand founded on the belief that taking care of your body should be a joyful experience.

Our philosophy is to treat our clients with respect and honesty, and to deliver on our commitment to provide the highest quality products whilst being environmentally conscious.

ALLEVEN’s first product, COLOUR SHIELD, was created to answer the need for a high-performance concealer with an elegant and sophisticated touch, inspired by the demands of the modern woman who wants to look her best at all times. Today, to answer the needs of our community, ALLEVEN offers a complete collection for both face and body developed to deliver flawless skin from the inside and out.

At ALLEVEN we believe “confidence is the real beauty”, and when you feel good, you look good.


Iconic perfumer, capturing timeless emotions, Nino Amaddeo is a perfume maker with a story which brings together love, travel and perfumery.

Iconic perfumes and original creations come together in a collection that highlights exceptional perfumery. By going in search of purity, delicacy and beautiful materials, this collection of ten fragrances was born.

Le Galion Parfums

The name of this beautiful brand, inspired by majestic seafaring vessels with their vast square sterns, evoked thoughts of freedom and escape. Some of the beautiful fragrances associated with the brand have stayed in our memories: Sortilège, Brumes, Snob… But this once glorious perfume house, Le Galion, has faded from our memory and consigned to the past.


The eyebrow is a key facial element, which reveals a person’s character. It is a significant aesthetic component of the face that can also be a subtle and powerful tool of seduction.A balanced eyebrow promises to amplify looks and optimise overall facial features. A subtle detail, often disregarded but which can change everything: it can enhance a face, reveal inner beauty and personality.

Throughout history, meticulous care has always been reserved for the eyebrows and there is clear evidence of this in the fine arts, literature and in sculpture and paintings. The Art of the Eyebrow evolves from very thick, detailed black eyebrows of the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Madonna’s somewhat invisible eyebrows with their luminescent faces in paintings from the Middle Ages.


Roads is a modern perfume brand, founded by Danielle Ryan in 2013. Its roots are in Dublin but the scents are fed by inspirations drawn from cultures that span the world.
The unique compositions, created in collaboration with some of the world’s most esteemed perfumers using high-quality ingredients, are genderless and universal. They come from one person’s curiosity for the world explored through scent, but they don’t seek to prescribe. They invite you to find your own story within them. Choose a fragrance that resonates with how you feel, for how it makes you feel or for the message it conveys, just as you would select clothing according to your mood or the occasion. The quiet, minimal bottle design represents the blank page on which you can write your own narrative while contemporary artists and their work are celebrated in the outer box. We believe modern luxury is not defined by what a brand spells out on its packaging, but in the quality and joy it brings.

David Mallett

Effortless, professional credit, luxurious, simplicity, efficiency

David Mallett Haircare range stands out for its highest quality, its technical innovation and its excellence. All our products have been carefully developed to meet the needs of our demanding international clientele in the salon. We offer a luxurious assortment of products that are easy to understand and use. Performant formulas, which have been extensively tested, debated and improved by our experts. Formulas contain highly-concentrated key ingredients and light-weight textures. No unnecessary chemicals added where there is no need. Our products are free of parabens, phtalates, harmful substances and other unnecessary chemical ingredients. Minimal perfume for maximum tolerance, even for the most allergic clients. Our products are entirely made in France.

Welton London

Perfume is the luxury product par excellence. Engraved in our hearts, a perfume is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes, the bouquet of scents chosen with immense care. It is for you to add the special scented touch that makes all the difference, highlighting your particular brand.


Love there is, stories there are…

Is a women story, a family story, written by two generations.

Chantal the mother, Alexandra the daughter.
Different but very close, sometimes at odds but always complementary, Chantal and Alexandra went partners in 2014, around their commun love for perfume.

Chantal Roos
Not so very classic

She is a legend in the perfume world. A Parisian through and through, in love with beauty and the people who create it, a visionary marketing professional who has worked with some of the world’s top designers. First she launched Opium with Yves Saint Laurent in 1976. Then came Kouros and Paris. Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Tom Ford all followed suit. Chantal Roos is a strong woman in a man’s world, who has made her mark through talent, instinct and daring.

Alexandra Roos
Not such a rebel

Though Alexandra was on the scent from an early age thanks to her mother, music initially struck the right note for her. She found her voice as a singer, guitarist and composer in indie rock. With a decided penchant for the stage, she has four albums under her belt, and has written songs for herself and others.


Pauline Rochas was born into the world of scent.

Her grandfather, Marcel Rochas, created the iconic perfume Femme for his wife and muse – the legendary Hélène Rochas. Hélène was a visionary whose influence was felt in the world of art, culture and fashion. This left an indelible impression on the young Pauline, who would accompany her grandmother to the ballet and opera, where she met great artists.

The ability of scent to trigger emotion and memory has become the base of Pauline’s work. By Candlelight explores new worlds yet take us back to our origins.The 7 Collection and The Cherished Connection enables the power of scent to transform and heal.

Thomsen Beauty

We wanted to create beauty products to satisfy the women of our time: effective, glamorous and safe for health.

Our products are not only certified organic but 100% natural. Thomsen formulations are based on the best that nature has to offer and incorporate the most effective active ingredients.

Two sisters decided to break with the image of traditional organic skincare and adopt a more sophisticated look and feel, injecting the codes of elegance and glamour into our packaging and design. They want users to be as proud of these products as they are – to be able to display them prominently on their bathroom shelves. They formulate our products using biotechnologies that allow us to combine the best of dermatological technologies with approaches derived from nature.

Stéphanie de Bruijn

For Stéphanie de Bruijn, perfume is an emotion that creates a memory. It must make you feel confident. In addition to bespoke perfumes, Stéphanie de Bruijn decided to offer even more experiences by creating “ready-to-wear” perfumes.
Like any perfumer, she has recorded and cataloged in her memory the scents of hundreds of natural and synthetic raw materials and she makes this skill available to others.
She uses more than 400 raw materials from all over the world. Being a perfumer by trade, Stéphanie de Bruijn uses her know-how of perfumery to offer unique and high-quality fragrances. The work of Stéphanie de Bruijn represents the art of traditional perfumery.


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