Mokoto was set up in 2015 to bring elegance and strengthen natural beauty by daily use of skincare with alluring exquisite scents and oils guaranteeing profound hydration, rich nutrition and rejuvenation.

Having noticed on the market many natural cosmetics of low quality ingredients, the founder of Mokoto has decided to develop the skincare line using strictly selected vegan oils intentionally scented with top-notch essential oils.

Admiring sensational elegant notes of Bulgarian Rose Damascena, Jasmine, Néroli, Mokoto products are ennobled by peculiar bouquets of these most luxurious essential oils. These rare and exceptional oils have been fundaments of the natural perfume industry since the dawn of history. Still now, they are incremental ingredients of the most prestigious fragrances.

Mokoto’s precious ingredients have been carefully chosen both due to their exceptionally fabulous scents and therapeutic-grade properties. Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil is produced from petals from only one specific valley in Bulgaria, where the quality of the roses (both scent and molecular properties) are the highest.

By shaping unique compositions, Mokoto draws from tradition of the French perfume industry, passion for using the finest ingredients, highest standards in every production step. Mokoto takes care about the legacy, even its glass bottles are manufactured by one of the oldest French glassworks operating for many centuries.

Focusing on organic, raw and food-grade components, Mokoto is not just another natural oils company. Our philosophy and production is a more complex and sophisticated process. In contrary to many cosmetics companies, we do care about our environment. We make sure all the cultivation processes of our ingredients are respectful to the nature. All our selected packages are recycled or can be reused for other purposes. In the production process, we also minimise use of plastics and energy.

“Mokoto wants to give to its customers the incredible charm and in-depth pleasure of use. When they explore our products, we make sure they both savor prodigious notes and get their skin profoundly moisturised and revitalised.”

André Pruski, founder of Mokoto


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