ROOS & ROOS is a love story, based on trust , passion and complicity.Two colourful personnalities with simple and true values, living in a vibrant and inspiring world.Throughout her career, Chantal Roos has been behind some of the most lingering sillages of the century – Opium, L’Eau d’lssey and Le Mâle, to name but a few. Her talent lay in entering the creator’s world, and expressing it. With Roos & Roos perfumes, she had to learn from a blank page: the one telling a fresh story every time. Put onto the scent by her mother when she was very young, Alexandra Roos hit the right note in the world of music with four albums, songs written for her and others, before moving over to more scented harmonies.

Bali Balm

Bali Balm is formulated not only to give you luxuriously smooth, supple lips, but also as an essential style accessory. Our beautifully designed tube features a simple, elegant form that makes it easy to slip Bali Balm into any pocket or clutch bag. This means you can enjoy healthy, hydrated lips even on the go.

Simply put, Bali Balm looked to create a sleek stylish lip balm that appealed to both him & her. New original flavours were critical, so rather than creating generic formulas in a lab, Bali Balm sought the guidance of a successful London chef. Environmental impact is also a key factor in Bali Balm’s production. Minimise our environmental impact by using vegan and 100% natural, plant based ingredients alongside a strong recycling policy. No cruelty, no synthetics and less waste. This is a legacy to be proud of.

Les Eaux Primordiales

In a quest towards a fantasized neo-classical modernity, it’s in Jules Verne’s book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea??? that Arnaud encountered the words “the primordial waters”. The waters where early life began, the foundations of any living organism on Earth.

Le Galion Parfums

The name of this beautiful brand, inspired by majestic seafaring vessels with their vast square sterns, evoked thoughts of freedom and escape. Some of the beautiful fragrances associated with the brand have stayed in our memories: Sortilège, Brumes, Snob… But this once glorious perfume house, Le Galion, has faded from our memory and consigned to the past.


The eyebrow is a key facial element, which reveals a person’s character. It is a significant aesthetic component of the face that can also be a subtle and powerful tool of seduction.A balanced eyebrow promises to amplify looks and optimise overall facial features. A subtle detail, often disregarded but which can change everything: it can enhance a face, reveal inner beauty and personality.

Throughout history, meticulous care has always been reserved for the eyebrows and there is clear evidence of this in the fine arts, literature and in sculpture and paintings. The Art of the Eyebrow evolves from very thick, detailed black eyebrows of the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Madonna’s somewhat invisible eyebrows with their luminescent faces in paintings from the Middle Ages.


Mokoto was set up in 2015 to bring elegance and strengthen natural beauty by daily use of skincare with alluring exquisite scents and oils guaranteeing profound hydration, rich nutrition and rejuvenation.

Having noticed on the market many natural cosmetics of low quality ingredients, the founder of Mokoto has decided to develop the skincare line using strictly selected vegan oils intentionally scented with top-notch essential oils.

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David Mallett

Effortless, professional credit, luxurious, simplicity, efficiency

David Mallett Haircare range stands out for its highest quality, its technical innovation and its excellence. All our products have been carefully developed to meet the needs of our demanding international clientele in the salon. We offer a luxurious assortment of products that are easy to understand and use. Performant formulas, which have been extensively tested, debated and improved by our experts. Formulas contain highly-concentrated key ingredients and light-weight textures. No unnecessary chemicals added where there is no need. Our products are free of parabens, phtalates, harmful substances and other unnecessary chemical ingredients. Minimal perfume for maximum tolerance, even for the most allergic clients. Our products are entirely made in France.

Welton London

Perfume is the luxury product par excellence. Engraved in our hearts, a perfume is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes, the bouquet of scents chosen with immense care. It is for you to add the special scented touch that makes all the difference, highlighting your particular brand.


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